Over 15 years experience

Licensed Solutions have been the first point of call for many of our colleagues in the banking sector for the last 15 years. 

Throughout that time, we have worked with all of the major banking institutions in the UK market, and have provided guidance, opinion and assessment on a wide range of issues, from evaluating the operational efficiency of hospitality businesses who have sought debt restructuring, to specific service provisions for bank customers such as production of detailed, accurate management accounting, and business reviews, featuring industry specific assessment and growth options.

Our professional advice has helped many of our banking clients to, in turn, provide their own customers with insightful and relevant guidance in the growth and development of their hospitality businesses, as well as allowing a reliable and rational platform for making decisions on further lending or debt restructure.

Sometimes, the unfortunate situation occurs where a bank feels that it can no longer support a client business and the only viable solution is to recall facilities, thereby affecting a process such as Administration.  In such circumstances, Licensed Solutions have, on many occasions, shifted from an advisory capacity, to an operational one, allowing a smooth assumption of responsibility due to our existing knowledge and experience of the case at hand.  Our extensive relationships with all of the leading insolvency practices in the UK allows us to act as an effective conduit to ensure the best possible return for the bank in such circumstances.

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