Services to the Licensed Trade

Licensed Solutions can help through a number of service offerings

End-to-End Solutions

A fully managed and engaged provision,

leaving our clients free to concentrate on other opportunities, in the safety of the knowledge that their asset is being professionally managed and maximum performance driven.

Licensed Solutions are not only on hand to assist with the operational and strategic management of your business, but are also well established in helping put clients and potential funders together.

Our customers trust us to provide an expert analysis of their business and the potential developments it can exploit with a potential financial injection, and our finance partners trust us to recommend appropriate funding projects to suit their lending profiles.

Restructuring Finance

Property Valuations

Hospitality businesses can be a rewarding lifestyle career or a lucrative investment opportunity.

Either way, when disposal is your next step, getting your property to market with the right audience is a vital element of consideration for anyone looking to sell a business.

We understand that having a fantastic product is not the only factor in the success of a business.

Understanding what makes a fantastic product and more importantly, letting potential customers know you have one, is a vital tool in the arsenal of any successful enterprise.

Sales & Marketing

Operational Review

Whether you are an owner, a lender or a buyer, a solid understanding of how your target business is performing, especially in relation to the wider market, is imperative.

Our Operational Reviews are essentially a health check for your business, combining our industry experience and up to the minute industry trends and information, to give a clear and honest view of how your hospitality business is performing.

Effective cost control is the lifeblood of any business, and wasted pennies soon turn into lost pounds. 

Our supply chain agreements allow our customers to benefit from bulk buy equivalent discounts, even if they are a stand-alone or small multiple operation.

Supply Chain Management

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