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Turnaround specialists and asset managers to the leisure sector
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Asset identification and investment guidance designed to meet your specific investment and return criteria

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Specialist operational management solutions for the insolvency sector; asset management, licensing, credit card processing, supply chain management

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Reliable, proven, expert advice and review function to assist with gearing calculations, and customer support

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Having been trading in the Leisure and Hospitality sectors for over 25 years, with the last 15 specifically focussed on turnaround and growth strategy implementation, Licensed Solutions have unrivalled experience in the management, evaluation, repositioning and disposal of assets in the hospitality sector.

Our clients have come to expect, and consistently receive, an extraordinary level of service from our team of highly experienced and dedicated hospitality professionals.  Our existing relationships with all of the major High Street banks and many of the best known national and international accountancy companies and insolvency practitioners, reinforces the fact that not only do we have an impressive track record of achievement, but we have unparalleled experience in getting the results demanded by our clients, and as such, enjoy high levels of repeat engagements from our customers.

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Our products and services and been developed and refined over time to ensure that whatever the scope or complexity of your project, we are positioned to help.


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